Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last week we went camping. What we call "really camping" in a tent....You boys loved it!! Every night when it was time for bed the two of you would get in the tent and just giggle and whisper. It was the coolest thing ever to sleep in this big tent outside.However,L did say the first night that he didn't think it was a good idea to sleep outside.He got over that real fast.
There was plenty of bike riding..B wants to get his training wheels off ASAP..So we are working on that.Swimming in the pool..Playing with a little girl's barbie until she made you give her back:)...feeding of geese...Roasting of marshmallows..and of course, it wouldn't be a complete camping trip without smores!!!

We had an awesome week. We also went fishing, for a ride on the paddle boats, and played on the playgrounds for hours. L got in his first official fight and after hugs , kisses, and a little bit of we shouldn't hit our friends all was good again.The two boys went back to playing like nothing ever happened.